New York City Blogging – Empire State Building


  • if you can pay the entrance from leftover peanuts and bring a friend? By all means, go for it
  • if you think tickets are fckn expensive for a view? Don’t. It’s exactly what you get – a very expensive view, not worth it SHRUG
Mel from shoulders up, slightly sunburnt and smiling. They're on the viewing platform on level 86 and Manhattan stretches behind them towards the ocean.
Is this view worth 40 bucks? You decide.

long version

  • missed my station going there
  • extremely confused by the lack of helpful signs telling me where to go, starting with the best exit from the station to which way to go topside
  • tf if anybody knows where the ESB is
    • can’t I just look up? bby, dude, luv, there be big-ass houses all around. I see nothing
  • had a chili-cheese hot dog and regretted it immediately
  • can’t recommend but at least no longer starving
  • found the entrance, was admitted 1 hour early
  • why is nobody wearing a mask?!?!?!?!
  • it’s French Day (ich spreche noch immer kein Französisch)
  • wtf is the floor made of? (scratches gently)
  • feels like an airport, but you can keep your drink
  • picture point at the entrance, I de-mask and wonder if that goes extra
  • fun little tour about the building’s history
    • is it worth 40 bucks? I think not
  • elevator ceiling show to distract from how fckn fast this thing goes
  • schade eigentlich, ich liebe Aufzüge die HUIII!!!! machen 😔
  • a floor for views, people are not looking as they leave (not to self for later)
  • I spy with my bleary eye: the Statue of Liberty – hm, hab ich mir größer vorgestellt, maybe it’s the distance
  • nice enough views, bric-a-brac to look at, long queue out
  • 10 mins into the wait a surge forwards
  • I claim the windows alongside the queue and thread my way back in later
  • another 10 mins into the wait the announcement that we do not have to wait for the elevator in this queue, we can also take the stairs for the last 6 floors (cue another rush)
  • coming to the conclusion that NYC can do with some more directive signs, arrows and such
  • stairs – huff puff, so many fckn stairs
  • why does floor 85 exist twice? 🤨
  • short existential crisis of having another 5 floor 85s
  • nah, we’re up
  • can’t sit on the shiny broad stairs 😔
  • bench miraculously becomes free enough for my ass as I approach. Yay
  • outside it fuckin wimdy
  • not as packed as feared
  • nice views, worth 40 bucks? I think not
  • walk around once, stare into the distance and down
  • good sir, are you sure you wanna hold the mobile over the edge for taking pics?
  • Need the number of mobiles dropped each year ASAP
  • going down the stairs is easier
  • once again Very Bad Beschriftung strikes
  • ESB: has gift shop out the back
  • me: that’s the guy I’m after
  • time to pic up that pic shot at the entrance – for 26 BUCKS?
Half body shot of David Tennant as Benedic from Much Ado About nothing. He is wearing a superman tee and holds a can of soda with a curly straw while he says: I think not.
  • another gift shop that hasn’t grasped the concept that I have burned all my money on the ticket already, smh
  • buying absolutely nothing again
  • ah, NOW we get to the pretty marble-y part
  • the hall is rather ostentatious
  • still, I am disappoint
  • do not recommend
  • heading to Starbucks for liquid pick-me-up
Close up of Mel looking underwhelmed and sucking matcha latte frappuccino through a straw from their cup.
The face of one underwhelmed Mel.

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