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Cover for an anthology in hues of fantastical mushrooms and butterflies light teal, turquoise and light blues. Glowing spots over around the central mushroom that glows slightly pink under its hood. A light blue butterlfy is before it, one wing lit up so much it appears white. Title: Kaleidoscope - A Queer Anthology. 2023 edition. It also lists the contriburots: Mason Hawthorne, Toshiya Kamei, Dori Lumpkin, Em Harriett, Mel Grebing, Prema Arasu, Katie Kent, Fern KL Goodliffe, Natasia Langfelder, Logan McConnell, Kayla Whittle, JS Crowther, Justin Warren Jackson

2023 June 1st – Adding Up, a queer little contemporary fantasy about love, loss, and second chances. Or third chances. Or more. Published in Kaleidoscope A Queer Anthology 2023 by Cloaked Press.

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2023 June 21st – Inside Job, a literal take on the reader-insert in Tumbled Tales – An Anthology of Unconventional Stories by The Wandering Wave Press
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On an orange background grow vivid flowers in red and purple. Towards the bottom there are more leaves and grass in shades of green.
The title "messy misfits club" is laid over the image in a rounded font.

2022 August 19 – Graveyard, a short autofic on the price of becoming who you are in Messy Misfits Club Edition 3.
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2022 March 4-6
Story Submitted in Application: Smoke and the Universe
Workshop leaders: Jaymee Goh, C.L. Polk, Kurestin Armada