About the author.

Um, that would be me. Uh. Hi there. 👋

I’m Mel (they/them) and I write Old Adult queer fantasy and sci-fi.
To avoid writing, I often procrastinate playing computer games (Mass Effect and Dragon Age, mostly), sewing, or plain sleeping.
Here’s a mugshot:

I’m an nd enby living in Germany, have been writing for 38 of my 45 years, and work full time in HR. To find out about my current writing, projects and free reads, proceed to Writing. 😄

I use a lot of emojis to get my point and mood across. That is a me-thing.

There is hope that one day I will become more professional. Please don’t hold your breath.

You can contact me at: 📧 contact@melgrebing.com

You can stalk me 😏