New York City Blogging – Chelsea Surprise Launch Party

  • got lost in Central Park (again)
  • accidentally Balto Statue
  • burned some of my last mobile data for call for help in group chat
  • warum zur Hölle ich nur 60 MB bekomme und danach untergehen darf ist unbekannt
  • sizzled in the sun for 1 hour on the rocks, waiting for help
  • read The Stardust Thief and can highly recommend
  • got collected by Em (thanks Grama PLEAD)
  • joined group
  • tried not to feel awkward → failed
  • tried to catch and remember all names → failed
  • but I’m pretty good at just being there, so I did that
  • Chelsea arrived and hubbub ensued
  • so many pictures to be taken
So many people, so little cake 😉
  • CAKE! (delicious AND sparkly)
  • actual socialising happens 😱
me, George Jreije, Chelsea Abdullah, Jaclyn Hart
  • detour because stupid period, can’t wait for those to stop
  • it’s fun, awkward, awkward fun but the awkward is on me
  • everybody talking fast an not leaving opening to chime in
  • das ist aber nicht sehr deutsch, meine Lieben
  • half-melted buckeye – but good
  • not really from the kind of buck I expected, ngl
  • moving on to empanadamama
  • no wifi
  • it is very loud → Mel.exe stopped working
  • menu via QR code on mobile like – ha ha ha ha, no
  • water tastes like pool again
  • overwhelmed and bale to bare minimum, hoping to coast by
  • the wave
  • bill posted in groupchat for calculating your cost like – ha ha ha ha, no
  • want my mobile data back
  • walking back to a train station we can all use
  • everybody boarding a different train
  • police accumulating behind me 😬
  • macht mich zu Hause auch nicht glücklich, aber eure Polizei ist echt creepy 🤷‍♀️
  • glad to leave them behind
  • Obligatory Group Chat Tee Pics

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