New York City Blogging – Statue of Liberty

  • up too early still moving too late for sit-down brekkers
  • promoter making me flee into the bicycle lane at Bowling Green Station
  • took the long way around and had a crepe because hungry
  • you can just arrive early anywhere here, huh?
  • Caught in another class on my way to the boat
  • nice boat ride, too short, LOVE boat rides
  • how can 1 class be so loud?
    • Cue banshee screeching
  • Possibly okay selfies with Statue of Liberty from the boat
  • it’s nice though there are too many people
  • journaling in the sun looking at the ocean → nice
  • no wifi on the island, how is that being free?
  • Construction work blocking the circuit
    • makes the end nice and quite, few people, good view of the ocean, LOVE ocean
  • written most of my postcards while air-frying in the sun HAPPY
  • this is actually really nice?
  • I mean better views for half the price of Empire State Building
  • on to the pedestal (dafür zahle ich gerne extra)
  • 192 steps? oof
  • but only two people are allowed per elevator ride which take 4 mins and an employee just cut in front of the three rides waiting before me
  • so stairs it is
  • huff puff
  • it passes a lot faster than expected
  • there’s nobody up here?!?
  • SO NICE (if only the choppers could maybe chill for a minute)
  • das Deutsche Wort is Heli und sehr viel niedlicher
  • prolly getting a sunburn
Hero Shot with my “polite and sophisticated mice” shirt
  • crown is closed because COVID, only thing it’s good for, I would have HATED those stairs lolsob
  • love it
  • unfortunately, locked away everything but the phone so can’t journal on the pedestal SAD
  • free wifi at the museum? EYES
  • hoo boy, how do you expect me to get the e-mail with my password without wifi access?
  • Gonna have a look at food and souvenir prices
  • restrooms are nice enough
  • food didn’t look appetising so I didn’t even look at the prices
  • souvenirs were priced ok but ugly, very unfortunately, especially for the pocket watch I was ogling, you could have been mine…
  • just missed the boat back and now it’s another 25 mins sizzling in the sun
  • more sun on the top deck where I snatched the best seat on the ship
  • my skin is taking on the shade of a nice and crisp rotisserie chicken
  • OCEAN! I really should be on/at/in the ocean more
  • stop at Spicy Village for dumpling lunch and accidentally just went to bed *oop*

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