New York City Blogging – Chelsea’s Official Book Launch

  • nervous af because do I know anybody at the event? no
  • but do I feel we’re friends because twitter? also no
  • but do I believe they’ll be as happy to see me as I’m scared to meet them? definitely no
  • my people-ing skills strike before I even leave my hotel *le sigh*
  • but ready or not, here I come, people will have to endure my presence for the evening
  • should probably have had dinner before the event
  • swimming to the station, high-humidity to the max πŸ˜”
  • can’t see much when crossing the river πŸ˜”
  • arrive at destination station in Brooklyn, start walking in the right direction before uncertainly bumbling about in the rain like a drunk bee for 10 mins before getting back on the right track
  • now this looks like a place where people actually live, I like it
  • street food guy on the corner but I am to nervous to stop, what if I’m late
  • Probleme die man als Deutsche nie los wird – ÜberpΓΌnktlichkeit πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  • find the bookshop, enter – get recognised? welp
  • recognise Chelsea, Jen & Gabe
  • talk a little to Chelsea, bought another copy of the book, stand around awkwardly, trying to look as if I belong
  • failed at small talk 101
  • the reading was good, wished the fooking birds had shown some respect for my hearing problems and shut tf u *le sigh*
  • also: CHELSEA HOW DARE? 😭
    • book starts my fave way with the introductory adventure going right
    • will it also be the cause of all problems in the book? Too early to tell, will love finding out
  • got book signed
  • tried to socialise
  • probably failed
  • had pics taken that will hopefully surface somewhere
  • managed to actually talk to people because OFMD cosplay
  • awkward goodbyes
  • prolly spoiled the surprise event the next day somewhat *oop*
  • this area really doesn’t look as if I need to be walked to the station, it’s a people area, people live here?!?
  • hungry enough for courage to get chicken burrito from street food guy
  • it was a very good burrito
  • also: BUY THE BOOK! (it is very good, is2g)

2 thoughts on “New York City Blogging – Chelsea’s Official Book Launch

    1. California does not? πŸ‘€
      I am fine online where I have a lot of time to think before “speaking” and also two screens and one ocean between me and people. πŸ˜”

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