New York City Blogging – Brekkers with Gates & Em + Central park Zoo

  • getting up early like, no problem (it’s already 11am at home)
  • load omny card with the wrong package
  • run card through reader twice, because why not?
  • Arrive at Union Square
  • surprisingly no wifi at station
  • go out again
  • send Em pic of location I’m waiting (read before arriving)
  • send Em pic of myself (didn’t read before arrival)

  • wait for Em and sweat by just standing in the shadow (fckn humidity)
  • successfully meeting with Em
  • not so successful ticket-buying on her side, pay for her instead
  • dragging her out of the subway one station early
  • try to keep up with 1 very fast Grama
  • find brekkers place (Bonjour Crepes & Wine) but they’re closed yet
  • wait for Gates
  • place not open even after Gates arrives after opening time
    • turns out they have problems with the stove and won’t open up for quite a while
  • Gates says there’s another place nearby, so we move there
  • turns out this is a chain and they were meaning an actually same cafe
  • had wondered why we go so far when there’s food all over everywhere in Manhattan
  • the mortifying ordeal of choosing only one dish
  • can’t go wrong with 3-cheese-omlette and huge smoothie
  • hand out chocolate
  • water doesn’t taste the badly of pool, still glad for smoothie
  • food is really good, fried potatoes are a surprise

  • next stop: coffee for Em
  • next stop: Central Park (guess who didn’t get lost this time 😁)
  • meandering around until we hit the zoo
  • getting tickets, Em gets mine to get even
  • zoo is kinda small but hey
  • likely cause of death: petting extremely fluffy bear ears
  • can’t find the snow leopards 😔
  • tropics zone – in this weather? 😬
  • E, E! Do you really think going into the tropical house is a good idea in this weather?
    • Too late, she’s already inside
    • dissolving into goo in 3.. 2.. 1.. splootch
    • rarely did I want to leave a place so urgently
  • not even bat can keep me in this place
  • outside feels cool afterwards, not sure that’s worth it *sweats like an undignified pig*
  • split up because Em wants to look for Balto statue, Gates hat a foot and I desire to be cool

2 thoughts on “New York City Blogging – Brekkers with Gates & Em + Central park Zoo

  1. Ok Em being a short speedy grama racing into the zoo is entirely unsurprising.

    I am officially envious of y’all after reading this post (who am I kidding I already was)

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