Futurescapes Face Journey: 4 The Choice

I was terribly excited about getting to choose. I mean, I had my number one unstoppable top choice. The rest – I was open to opportunities. And in the fantasy workshop a high ranking choice dropped because I wasn’t sure our communication was compatible. Also Luke warned us about choosing the hard hitters because everybody wanted them.

Truth. 😔

I fell on the list of 29 people like the meteor wiping out the dinosaurs. There were some easy choices. Number one, naturally. But also some I didn’t think fit me and my needs well. I know I write niche stuff (that will sell like hot cakes once it gets out there, is2g!) and there were a few that didn’t want adult.

I whittled it down and was glad I got seven choices. I would have cried for day over a top 3. As it was, I only cried a little. Also, removed some heavy hitters from my list. Overall I felt good about those. I didn’t even have C. L. Polk on my list. I am not lucky like that ever. Also, they were actually not the reason I signed up. (sry C. L. Polk. 🙈)

I knew in the end I’d get a mix of editor, agent, author. So for my list I focussed on editors/agents. Nothing against authors. I know many and they are lovely! But I know my head and how likely it is to accept advice. When it is ready to accept author advice, I run wailing into my groups. (Which also have the advantage that I know those authors and can assess their feedback on a solid foundation.)

Anyway, I chose.

I took a deep breath and hit send.

I could have gone without naming names. I sure would have made things easier for Luke. (sorry Luke). But I know my brainsoup. If I didn’t name names, I would always, always, always wonder if it had worked if I had. I don’t need even more Regret Eternal in my life.

If I shot my shot and didn’t get who I wanted, that was how things were. I’d accept it and move on to learn a thing or two. Maybe make a friend. (I think I made a friend!) I was also pleasantly surprised at the possibility to have my workshops at somewhat decent times.

ngl, top choice would have had me hooked to coffee IV At 4am. But knowing that I can have a nice, evening workshop that will allow me to fret all night is also nice. I went back to writing my Horny WIP, though I started to feel I might not get it finished by workshop time.

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