Do you like spreadsheets? I love spreadsheets. 😍

So when the Pitch Wars Showcase went live, I saw my chance to create another one: agents that had eluded my grubby grasp as yet.

Then I thought, well, it might make a decent enough list for starters, you know. If you look into Sci-fi and Fantasy. And anyway, why should I have all the work, when I could also have all the work and publicly complain about it?

There you go.

It has names, agency, if they take fantasy and/or sci-fi as well as if they are currently open to queries from the unwashed masses. Mind you, with them requesting now, I cannot say if this is the best time to yeet your materials. But in the querying trenches, there is no good time to yeet, there’s only times that are worse than others…

I felt the necessity to add a “notes” column because sometimes it was a ride. Not all agents that requested listed the genre on their agent page or rep adult if you believe the site. Maybe they’re just so picky it doesn’t warrant mentioning or they are newly branching out. Publishing is mysterious.

Mind you, this is just a starting point. Please find your writing communities for the hottest and latest tea. Nothing goes over a solid community, we look out for each other. Just saying. IIRC, the showcase agents are not vetted, so neither is this list.

Proceed with caution and optimism. (You’ll need a lot of both, ngl.)

I found a few new names here and once I am ready, they sure will hear from me. 😏

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