New York City Blogging – General Notes

  • fckn HUMID! Why, NYC, why?!? 😭
  • abgeranzt but alive
  • defying the German urge to obey the Ampelmännchen
  • the hotel is also abgeranzt but expensive
  • paying, like, 120 bucks for vibes and the rest for the room
  • not me freezing my ass of in the subway after simmering in the humidity outside
  • the face of a person starting to sweat at 18° C without humidity
  • I don’t understand English anymore suddenly, I don’t know
image of Maria Carey putting on sunglasses. The caption that usually reads "I can't read suddenly, I don't know" is changed to "I can't understand English suddenly, I don't know".
  • Chinatown being 95% masked people 😍
  • no way to open the window but a/c?
    • I’ll die from nosebleeds, is2g
  • the metro system being much easier than anticipated
  • the people are very – people-y, everybody is fashion
  • all sockets actually D:
  • 50/50 chance of getting the directions right
  • accidentally buying fizzy cocktail-y drinks instead of iced tea (thank you Chinatown?)
  • why is soda/water so fckn expensive here?
  • NYC being humid only for me? 🤨
  • NYC putting up no helpful signs pointing at the correct exits for sights, like do I look as if I know which exit to take for the Empire State Building? Not to mention which direction to go above ground
  • Now? NOW? I get my period after 3 months off??? Fckn fck that 🤬
  • oh, so the window opens after all, too late though because it is fckn humid AGAIN
  • thought I’d be more impressed with NYC overall 🤷‍
  • auch auf Deutsch ist nur “wältigt” kein Wort
  • water tanks on roofs? Quaint
  • fooking humidity again from Friday on
  • still generally underwhelmed
  • LOVE the subway system, tho. Get me to a station and I am safe
  • why does 78% here smell either of weed or half-brewed beer? BOTH MEME
  • Hating the taste of chlorine and having fine taste buds for it won’t make you happy here
  • wtf did I think post boxes are red?!?
  • a big city I don’t wanna live in 🤷‍
  • not getting the free rides I was promised after the first 12 or even the first 14 *le sigh*
  • will never be over the tax thing, like, come on, it’s not that hard to price with tax included
  • all streets named the same everywhere
  • “Do Not Hold Hands Door” signs on subway

2 thoughts on “New York City Blogging – General Notes

  1. This tracks with my experience of NYC though when I was there it smelled like trash not even beer or pot!

    Grand Central/public transit is so much better than California though.

    1. Oh wow. Ngl, I have personal issues with smelling pot but I am not sure trash is much better. 😬
      Love good public transport. Am a fan of converting at least 50% off all streets into reliable public transport. 🥺

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