New York City Blogging – Central Park

  • blue sky! 🥰
  • still fckn humid 😭
  • so many joggers
  • ok, maybe those two guys make it worth it 👀 (not respectfully)
  • just sitting in Central park and feeling sticky
  • why are there so many Germans here?
  • Oh nein, ich spreche kein Deutsch, oop, ich muss weg
  • also French. So many French. Would prefer Frenchie, ngl
  • getting lost in the park
  • realising the iced tea is a fizzy alcoholic drink by chugging half a bottle
    • before getting lost
    • might be causality somewhere in there
  • sitting around again because it’s just too sticky to move
  • fizzy cocktail is not helping the sticky situation
Mel before getting lost and sweating their way through Central Park

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