Futurescapes Face Journey 12: Conclusions

I think it is a great way to connect to others. Unfortunately, I am not great at doing that so I do not get as much from this as you could.

I like the idea to have a workshop in person I’ll never be able to afford it, though. I coasted on enough money for the online version by pure luck.

Your brain is with you all the time. If your group tells you your writing is doing okay, it is up to you to make your brainsoup believe it. *kicks soup with a ten foot toad*

There is no guarantee you will get to work with the faculty you ogled (respectfully).

I do not regret a single thing or buck. I always regret things I didn’t do more, so this is fine. I know now and certainty can’t be outweighed in gold. (Maybe in offers for my ms, but who’d ever do that?!?)

Would I have fallen apart if I had gotten to work with my top choice? For sure. But I learnt how to function while in pieces. One thing nd life has taught me. By now it is more awkward for those around me. I made my peace with it. I would have worked through it. It would have been one “what if” less on my plate.

Am I still sad I didn’t get to work with my top choice? You betcha. I would have loved nothing more than to know what they think of my pages.

On the other hand, I will soon-ish finish my Horny WIP and then I can go back to Sava 2. Once I finish that, nothing can keep me from thrusting it at all agents ever again. SHRUG EMOJI

I have definitely learned A Thing or maybe even 2 Thing. It helps to know that I can chill out and just keep writing my stories and yeet them at agents. The stories I want told and the style I want them told it may never make it over the gates of tradpub. It feels like a necessary step at the moment though. A thing that needs to be done unless I want to add to the Regret Eternal pile.

May I be granted the strength and resources to self-pub one day.

And this is it from me on Futurescapes 2022. Please remember this is a very subjective experience and your mileage will vary. I’m just a smol angy nd flipping over in their hamster wheel.

A Roborovski dwarf hamster is running in a red running wheel. Suddenly it is caught by the wheel and spins around in, flipping over and over.

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