Futurescapes Face Journey: 1 Getting In

Once upon a time, I hung out in a discord and somebody threw a link to Futuresacpes workshop into a channel and I had nothing to do so I looked it up because people were talking about it. Ngl, I took one look at the faculty and yeeted my application with lightspeed. Fangirling will do that to you.

I chose my submission because it shows a few things I like to write clearly. It’s queer af. It’s sci-fi but also kinda fantasy. I love to write both and also in combination. I thought my writing was actually beautiful. I had it posted on my website for a week before, so most magazines won’t take it any more.

It was a calculating move on my part. I’m queer and I will lean on that if I think it will get me [Good Things]. It feels somewhat iffy, taking advantage when I feel I have no right to. But honestly, my other aberrations are none of nobody’s business. Especially not in pubbing where, right now, it can only hurt.

Anyway, in case you wonder what kind of riffraff they let in, read the short with which I grifted my way in here: Smoke and the Universe

Curling smoke with flashes of colour wafting in it before a grey ombre background.

Afterward yeeting my best yeet, I looked at the prices which, gulp! But I was not worried. After all, I wouldn’t have to pay. There was an application process and they had my materials. I was safe.

I thought, bitch.

When I got the acceptance mail, I was on hell of a ride. Elation, naturally, but being me, that was followed fast by Bad™ Thoughts like “how many people are there?” and “can’t be that good if they accepted me…”

Luckily I have groups to shout about stuff like that in though and I found somebody else who was admitted. That helped. I am surrounding myself with incredible authors for a reason. (Mostly to be justified in feeling meh about my writing a lot because surrounded by talent!)

Later, on the Futurescapes Discord I found more familiar faces. I really liked that because I’m a socially awkward squirrel and knowing people already helps me heaps to acclimatise and feel a little safe.

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