I want to cast great words like landscapes
rolling ‘r’s like hills and grass in the wind
sweeping hosts of mountains
high glaciers of clear expression and snow
tumbling off the tongue in avalanches of meaning
Tiny figures on the outskirts of the grand scenery
and the sky, the sky like endless blue
punctuated by wisps of white cloud
spread above in sheets
white on blue like black on white
mingling, intertwining in my head
in one huge knot, unresolvable
set free with one cutting word
with feelings too great to hold in any plain
language or covered with grass


Soft and silly, broken hearted
I made myself a tower
strong and tall
it’s only a heart, I can mend it
shattered pieces on night skies sparkling
never fails, that one
dedicated stabbing, running soft things through
constellations to lead you
invincible, unbreachable, untouchable, unreachable
deep and dark and deadly
what’s the difference?
I’m still here
cold and hard and true
there’s hope in the pain
piecing together
who I was and lost and where
and your words fall on stones
I know, I know, I know
your words are water, salty as you leave
and still I yearn
holding on and letting go
what else is life
I know how that feels
and one day, one day, maybe
with what never was
stitching up the pieces that once were you
picking stars from the sky
From the very top
those eyes are mine and deep and dark and drunken
little presents loaded high
I can see the sea
on the sight of you

O Captain, my Captain

O Captain, my Captain, why can’t you see
I’m rolling alone on a lonely sea?
I’m falling apart, I drown in the deep;
O Captain, my Captain, there’s nothing to keep.

O Captain, my Captain, I’m calling to you
My vows are all broken, my lies are all true
My hands they are shaking, my fingers they bleed
O Captain, my Captain, am I worth to keep?

O Captain, my Captain, why can’t I reach?
The further I’m stretching, the faster I breach
and dust instead of blood is howling through my veins;
O Captain, my Captain, how come all these pains?

O Captain, my Captain, why can I not cope?
My Master, my Saviour, and my only hope

Burn! Burn! Burn!

because I blame the colour of the sky
the colour of the ocean, too
the sun on my face is no excuse
the alphabet run backwards
I didn’t know

so I burn

because I blame the simile of snow
the torn and twisted figure of speech
achievement is something else completely
one thousand five hundred words
I didn’t know

now I burn

because I blame the colour of my skin
burning from within and your eyes
burning the skies and sunset red
fire on snow
it didn’t show

but I burn