The Wrong Queen – A Portal Fantasy

Go Queen or Go Home!

A no-brainer for Sava Edd, stuck in Escorion and betrothed to its future king, Thanhan. On the other side of regicide waits the job of her dreams: time agent. All she has to do is withstand her extreme horniness for Thanhan until her contact, spymaster Peter of Petrona, can assassinate the king and blame it on the king’s rival duchess.

Unfortunately, Sava finds out that The Horny she feels for the king is a curse. And while Thanhan turns out to be an agreeable himbo, Sava’s contact acts more and more suspicious. The two are the only candidates for poisoning Sava with the Horny Curse. When Duchess Verana announces her visit, time runs short for Sava. She has to decide:

Trust the king and risk getting stuck as queen with a man who cursed her. Or trust her contact and hope that the chance at her dream job will outweigh if he cursed her.

Meet the cast. Drawn by colouranomaly

Sava Edd – Pan Disaster Protagonist
Thanhan – Himbo King
Peter of Petrona – Spymaster
Duchess Verana – Rival to the king
Renee of Grimwald – dual wielding badass
Naia – undercover boduygaurd
Sioda Phraka – Overseer, bossperson of everything
Kaho N’ang – Master Mage
Liger of Havenbrooc – Librarian General